Painting Practice a project with workshops and exhibitions in my studio. Within the project I hold weekly courses in the studio for anyone to attend. The courses concerns concentrating, learning to see but also about coming together, as each workshop comes with a cup of coffee.  I found that painting still life in a group allowed the meditative state that painting means to me become stronger, as a tangible concentration in silence occurs when working side by side. To observe a flower is as a poetic act, especially in an increasingly consuming existence where it's getting harder to keep focus. Talking to my artist colleges I found that many of us is stressed and work under hard pressure. Which is contradiction when it comes to the circumstances needed to create, which is a process that demands time, play and concentration without a galloping mind and heart. Painting Practice is meant to bring the act of painting back in focus and turn the process into a nurturing one instead of a destructive, that's why artists often attends the session at P.P, also to have a context of people with painting in common. 

People want to paint but they rarely find the time, space or the knowledge of how to go about. P.P is a room where this need is to be meet and where people have the chance to have an interaction with painting and each other. In the session on P.P people are faced with the gaps between your accomplishment goals, achievement anxiety and your skills and in the teaching I put effort on how to overcome those commonly obstacles. P.P will also include exhibitions in the studio, again this is to meet a need for a space to talk, practice and discuss painting.

Still life, Stureby,  January 2020

Workshops 2018 - 2020

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